Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recycle materials - fiber, plastics, tin, and aluminum - are placed, unsorted, in the Recycle Cart. With our single-stream cart residential collection program, we can help divert approximately 40% of your household waste from your local landfill.  An easy and convenient way to divert your waste from the garbage stream and accomplish your commitment to recycling. All of your recycling can be picked up at one location—your home! Let us give you a convenient, time saving and hassle-free way to recycle all year round. 

Please visit these helpful links to find out more about the program and schedule for your neighbourhood.

For any questions and comments or to access your service schedule please visit or call (306) 694-4448.

To see the list of acceptable materials click the link below
Moose Jaw Residential Recycling Carts